Our BIM solution will solve the problems with on-site BIM adoption

Most workers on the construction site find it difficult to use a BIM model. Hence, on-site BIM adoption is a common problem for a lot of construction companies. We completely understand why this is the case and we are currently developing a digital solution to address just that.

We want to empower your workers with real-time BIM data and at the same time allow them to focus on more important construction activities. The idea is to have the workers focus on their tasks while data is being sent automatically to and from the BIM model behind the scenes. The BIM model is then enriched with critical data directly from site.

The ultimate goal of our BIM integration software is to increase transparency, control and flexibility for on-site workers thanks to the two-way synchronisation we are developing with Autodesk Revit and other BIM software solutions.

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See what the BIM Managers at BESIX & Willemen have to say about BIM and the adoption on site


4750+ companies already use LetsBuild's APROPLAN product


Gather all digital data for BIM objects and activities in one place and allow a transparent digital built environment that uses enhanced data and improved workflows.


BIM object classes can be linked to specific checklists / forms so that on-site checks are standardised across projects for the same class of objects.


Ensure two-way synchronisation between what is happening on your construction site and the BIM model at the office.

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“The goal of our BIM integration is to easily gather all data in one place, standardise processes at company level, and allow project teams to map BIM objects to their specific projects and streamline their work processes. This enables on-site workers and teams to focus on project execution without having to work with a complicated BIM model” 

Thomas Goubau, CRO of LetsBuild.

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« Thanks to the LetsBuild tool we can efficiently manage the quality of our production, and control the safety of our sites »

Stéphane CAILLAUD, National Product Quality Director at Bouygues Immobilier



« We are highly satisfied with the LetsBuild Support team. This is one of the reasons why we keep working with LetsBuild and not with other similar apps. LetsBuild listens, LetsBuild looks for solutions. This is really their biggest strength. »

Dennis Franco, Production Manager Buildings


CIT Blaton

« At Cit Blaton, we use LetsBuild from the very beginning of all our projects to ensure a high level of QSE. From the Quality Control Plan to the collection of final handover remarks, including Health, Safety and Environment observations, LetsBuild has provided us with the ideal tool to professionalize our daily management of QSE aspects. »

Remy Robijns, Head of the Quality-Safety-Environment Department

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